R. Kurt Osenlund is an award-winning editor, writer, creative director, and producer with more than 14 years experience in the media industry. Upon moving to New York City, he became an editor with Slant Magazine, and a contributor for EsquireDetailsTime Out New York, and more. Throughout his career, he has interviewed everyone from Julianne Moore and Spike Lee to Ellen Page and Oprah, while cultivating a vast network of contacts and collaborators in the areas of film, art, music, fashion, and LGBTQ activism. He is the former executive editor and acting editor-in-chief of Out Magazine, where he worked for nearly five years. In addition to steering the production of each Out issue, Kurt has produced and creative directed features, editorials, and video projects, allowing him to further merge his background in design with his passion for storytelling. 

Marco Palou

Marco Palou is a film director, artist, social media influencer, and marketing expert with more than ten years of experience. He has directed dozens of music videos, short films, and events in New York City and Los Angeles.  Marco is himself a prolific artist (going by the stage name Baby Yors in his music) with an extensive fan base and social media following (IG: 61K), and a refined sound, aesthetic, taste level, and theatricality. His work behind the camera and in front of it, on stage and off, reflect the caliber sought after by Prose.