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Who we are

We are the producers. We are the curators. We are the writers. We are the storytellers. We are the influencers. We are the talent. We are the audience. We are the community. Collectively, as a production team and a creative consultant resource, we are the experienced and tapped-in tastemakers you want at every level of an artistic enterprise—from the conceptual stages of design and logistics to the ultimate stages of promotion and outreach.

What we do

What we do is a proactive merger of who we are. Through our combined professional experience in the areas of event production, content creation, editorial, filmmaking, art direction, team management, social media savvy, and social networking, we apply a wide and vital set of skills to a limitless range of creative projects—from a music video to a feature film, a moderated A-list panel to an immersive theatrical experience. Our edge lies not only in our creative skills and multimedia successes, but in our vitality and rich connections to who and what is impacting the culture right now. As a youthful collective who also combs the cultural playground, we bring circles of creatives and influencers together, further allowing us to increase your visibility, elevate your brand, shrewdly populate your event, tell your story, and sell your product.